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What is VPS/VDS hosting?

What is VPS/VDS hosting? A virtual private server also known as a virtual dedicated server is a hosting solution for the average medium sized to low budget business or person. It gives you the same control level you would get if you had a dedicated serer. A VPS/VDS server is the middle man between shared hosting and dedicated servers. It gives you more control and features then a shared hosting account, its by far less expensive then your average dedicated server while still giving you the performance needed for your website.


Benefits of a VPS:

  • Low cost – A big benefit¬†is its affordability with most servers being as cheap as a few dollars per month
  • Root access – No more need to ask an administrator to do the work for you
  • Better management ability – You are always in control of your server
  • Server monitoring – See whats happening in real time
  • Flexible ¬†– Easily upgrade your machine as your need grows
  • Dedicated resources – Have the Space, CPU, Memory that you need


These benefits will surely help you in your decision to get a virtual private server/virtual dedicated server or simply stick to a shared hosting account for your web solutions. In addition its a great way to start up before going into the dedicated servers field

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