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What is shared hosting?

This type of web hosting is a services offered on a server specially created for this propose, on this specific server a large number of clients will co-exist together, sharing its resources  and using similar services, each one of them renting a small fraction of space.

A very important plus when it comes to shared web hosting is the fact that this service is cheap, most specialized companies offering this service at prices starting from 1 US dollar per month. They will establish from the very beginning hosting packages that will include certain specifications regarding resources, database, traffic, added domains, parked domains and web space, as long with many other available options useful to clients.  Some packages will give the possibility of creating a custom e-mail address.   For example if you own a domain named  you can also create a custom e-mail address named


Shared Hosting– represents the amount of room given on a hard disk to a specific client. This space can vary depending on the type of package the client bought; evidently it will also vary in price as the client gets more space.

The traffic – represents the size of a data transfer done by a website at a given time.  It’s also important to know the fact that most webhosting companies nowadays will offer unlimited traffic for their clients, no matter the type of package purchased. Therefore if you are looking for shared hosting, keep this in mind that and pick a company that will offer unlimited traffic.


All web hosting services will have technical assistance for all clients that have websites hosted on any server belonging to the company. That’s why shared hosting haves an advantage because of the small price you will need top pay for the actual service but also having technical assistance for solving problems or malfunctions related to your website. Most shared hosting companies will also have a control panel (usually cPanel, Webmin or Plesk) this will give the clients a nice interface with relatively simple functions helping them a lot when it comes to account administration and management. If you don’t know to use such a control panel, don’t worry, there are plenty of articles and tutorials on any given matter so it will be easy for anyone to learn using the control panel at its best.

Resources on a shared hosting sever – depending on their bought packages these resources will be well defined for every client. Naturally, there may be cases in which the server may overload because of a specific website that is using way more resources in an excessive way. When a server gets overloaded, unfortunately all the clients hosted on that server will get affected. That’s why if you have a website which consumes a lot of resources it may be better to buy a virtual private server or dedicated webhosting server.

In conclusion a shared hosting will offer lower prices, technical assistance but its limited in terms of resources, that’s why shared hosting is not recommended for big websites, but nevertheless this is the most common and easiest way to own and build a website, due to simplicity, flexibility and accessibility.


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