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What is Cloud Hosting?

Called “The Cloud” or simple cloud computing, chances are you’ve heard of many other terms for cloud hosting before. But do you know what cloud hosting really is? You might not know this but you are probably already using cloud technology on a daily basis. Gmail, Flickr, Facebook are just a few big names who have cloud on their side.


So what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the ability to connect multiple servers together through virtualization to efficiently distribute and manage presence and data. Having your website connected to cloud hosting would allow you to not have one dedicated server hosting your website but multiple servers synced with your data distributing your web content. It provides server clustering, and shares the product all over through visualization.


Why should you use cloud hosting?

These are the reasons why hosting through cloud is a great idea:

  • Only pay for what you use
  • High security level for your cloud infrastructure
  • Easily scalable for your growing demands
  • Stability and redundancy that accelerate above regular server hosting
  • Multi-platform development environment support

Cloud hosting is the newest web hosting trend and while still not on the broad market is definitely making a mark on how things are being hosted today. If you feel that cloud is the right  thing for you, by all means we encourage you to try it out today!

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