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Linux vs Windows webhosting

Ever wonder what to choose to host your website? There once was a time where an OS meant so much when it came to choosing a web host. Those times however are long gone…The choice between Linux and Windows web hosting now a days is more along the lines of personal use.


Linux Platform:

Linux is recognized for its stability and security. It utilizes programming languages such as PHP, Perl, and MySQL (just to name a few).

Linux based web hosting can be sold at a fraction of the price compared to windows due to the low cost or even free open source programs available for the OS.  In addition, the system allows users to easily set permissions and password-protect directories.

Windows Platform:

Windows has the advantage of being the most well known operating system in the world. This is a main reason why so many people are familiar with windows and support for it is much more easier to find. In addition it is also the main reason why development of windows based programs happen much faster then any other OS. Another key thing for windows is its full support for the ASP.NET programming language. However due to its licensing expenses and program expenses windows web hosting services are usually a bit more pricey.


Both operating systems are constantly getting improved and what seems to be something that mattered will eventually only be personal choice. If you are truly looking for the best host for your web site or space then simply think about what you are using the platform for

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