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Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are three types of web hosting services available for your website. It is key to understand the differences between them before you sign up for the right package for your website. We have split these into categories based on business needs, budget and services.


Shared Hosting:

This is recommended for newer websites ready to just make an impact on the internet. It is the most economical way of starting your website. In a shared web hosting environment you are placed on a server with other website owners just like you. You all as a whole share the server as well as the software applications within the server. The cost for this is more economical and is best if you are on a low budget. There are certain downsides to this such as website load speeds.


Dedicated Hosting:

This is recommended for the established websites. You will be in control of managing your server the way you want to. You will be the administrator and choose what software and operating systems work best for you. This also means you will have to manage your own server. As for cost this can get pricey depending on the specifications of the server you choose and is for those on a less tighter budget. The downside to this would be having to troubleshoot yourself or pay extra for someone else to do it.


 Collocated Hosting:

This is recommended for the webmasters out there. You will purchase your own server up to your own high specifications which you will house at a host facility or as known as a DataCenter. You will be responsible for the server yourself. It is a great option for those who manage multiple websites. You will be the one in full control. Though the initial cost for this is high, in the long run it will end up being the most cost effective. Once you pay for the server expense on its own the only thing you will have to pay would be the housing cost which will still be within your budget.


We hope this helps you in choosing the right Hosting Service for you!


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