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Choosing The Right Web Host


How to choose the right web host for you.

Sure it may sound easy enough but a quick search of google will give you hundreds of thousands of web hosting companies. Where would you end up going from there?! Before clicking any link to order there will be some things you should look for:


What are you looking for?

You can speak to your designer or any tech friend you might have in regards to what your website will need. Anything from web space, bandwidth and Operating system (Windows or Linux).  In addition a quick look for control panel and any additional features needed for your website performance.


Here are some of the main things to always look in to when purchasing from a web hosting company.


  • Uptime % or SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Allowed web space
  • Allowed bandwidth
  • Allowed content
  • Allowed Domains/Domain Pointers
  • Allowed Emails/FTP Accounts/SQL Databases
  • Blog Friendly
  • Ecommerce
  • Tech Support and Assistance


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Uptime % or SLA

Downtime in the server world happens all the time, whether it be due to power outage, hardware failure, network outages and or DDoS attacks. Protecting yourself from downtime is what you are looking for. What’s the point of a website if no one can access it right? Many hosts do not have the needed redundancy or fail to take the right measures to prevent downtime for “you” the client to have a stable online website. Try to always read their Uptime Policy as well as their Service Level Agreement which would have to explain to you what they would do in the event of an outage of any kind. Do not fall for simply reading on a website 99.9% Up-time as this is nothing but a number that prevents you from suing in case of any breach of contract for your downtime. Most reputable hosts would have a a nice Service Agreement which would entail their redundancy measures or downtime protection for you.


Allowed Web Space

Why pay for space you do not need or get capped for space you over exceed! Any web site owner must have an idea of what it is their website is in need of. Unless you have downloadable content such as software, videos, audio or even high resolution pictures a few gigs of space will be just fine for you. However if you are someone trying to make an art gallery website or even want to upload your family videos for people to stream you will be needing the right amount of storage for you. We would suggest you try a much bigger web space package such as maybe 10 to 20 gigs (if not more).


Allowed Bandwidth

A key thing to also look for is bandwidth. If you know your website is going to get a lot of traffic or if you plan on streaming content it would be beneficial to look for a high transfer bandwidth provider or even try your hands at un-metered bandwidth. Mind you we do not suggest you looking for “unlimited” bandwidth, in the webhosting world there is no such thing as unlimited except as an advertising scheme.


Allowed Content

Many web hosts are very picky as to what they allow on their machines as well as have strict rules for illegal content. If your website consist of adult content as well as downloadable content we would suggest you read the policies that may be given to you by the host. Though many hosts do not allow any sort of Adult content there are hosts who allow it under certain rules and laws by their country or even state.


Allowed Domains/Domain Pointers

Any website owner will initially start of with just 1 domain and maybe its TLDs (.net/.org / .info ect,..) but eventually you will want to branch out with domains pointing to your domain for SEO (search engine optimization) or traffic increase. A good thing to look for is the amount of domains allowed on your web hosting account and if you can have one domain pointing/redirecting to another. Packages can be limited to 1 domain per account but you can also find packages that allow you to have up to unlimited domains per account.


Allowed Emails / FTP Accounts / SQL Databases

With time your website will grow and with growth you will need more email accounts, FTP accounts or even SQL databases . Its a good idea to add separate FTPs for any sub-domain or section of your website. In addition if you are the blogging type you will need multiple Databases for the blogs you have in mind of making.


Blog Friendly

Many web hosts have one click installs for WordPress or Blogger scripts which can make your blogging experience even better and easier



Shopping cart software, ecommerce tools, database builders and secure servers are all crucial to the success of your online business. This is something only the top hosting providers can offer you and have the capacity for


Tech Support and Assistance

This is what separates the good host from the great host. Tech support is key to any web hosting you might purchase. Always try looking for the different ways in getting support with your host (ticketing system, 1800 number, email support, live web support) and if they offer 24/7 support. You as a customer need to feel secured that in the event of anything happening to your website at any time of the day and night you can count on your host to help you out.


Following these steps will surely land you with an amazing web hosting company where you can happily and safely host your website with.

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