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6 Great Features of Good Webhosting

This simple post is aimed at equipping newbies as well as intermediate bloggers and website owners the basic features that could evaluate if a web host provider company is promising and reliable or not, and what it should be expected from a hosting company before spending their hard earned dollars. Searching for an efficient and also dependable hosting service provider to match the requirement of your website matters, so as to ensure the success of your web site. There are many different factors that ought to be understood as you go to pick out a company.


Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service is a service provided by a company better-known as a web hosting company to store any website that you wish on the company’s servers so as to make it available online and accessible online. Finding the right web hosting company for your site can certainly be a hard work. This is obvious because of the fact that lots and lots of companies Provides this hosting service.


Types of Web-hosting Companies

There are certainly different varieties of website hosting plans in existence. They include:


Shared hosting – This plan is most suitable for brand new web sites because it is a cost-effective plan. Your site is placed on the same hosting server just like various other web sites and also shares the existing hosting service resources with the other websites .


Dedicated server plan – A dedicated hosting server package entails hiring one physical server from the web host and acquiring complete control as you are free to do whatever you wish. This plan is highly recommended for internet websites with massive flow of website traffic.


VPS hosting – This plan strongly suggested for upper-level website individuals. It allows you set up distinctive software packages and perhaps software tools and scripts not offered by the shared hosting plan. It looks much like the shared hosting plan however there are certainly fewer websites for every single hosting server thereby making it less crowded. Moreover it comes with admin accessibility to the computer system installation.


Reseller hosting – This plan is the best choice for all those website owners with many web sites and would like all of them under a single control panel.


Features of a good web hosting company.

Now that you are now aware of the various web hosting services, let’s have a look at some of the notable key features that make a distinction between a good reliable web hosting company to the other, pending on your website need. Nevertheless, these Six (6) key features will pave the way for you:


  1. Website Builder

Your web host should be able to provide you with the tools to help you in creating a great website, irrespective of the fact that you’re an HTML guru or just a total beginner in programming.


Before you pick a web host, it is worthy to verify and ensure that the web hosting company features a user friendly and simple website builder. These days, most of the hosting companies offer this service – a builder – that can help you create a simple web page or a more complex site that has numerous pages.


A Modern web builder offer unique templates so you can create a unique and responsive website to showcase your business without even hiring a professional HTML designer. And this builder has a top notch feature of drag-and-drop; this enables you to adjust the design of your site to better reflect your brand.


  1. Security

Ensure that the hosting company has its own unique dedicated servers and that the company always update its security protocols. Also ascertain that the hosting company has an encrypted firewall, and end-to-end user encryption that encrypt every bit of information you may upload.


  1. Unlimited mailboxes

The most effective webhosting companies permit you to generate free mailboxes. The feature is very paramount in case each and every staff needs a personal email address, or possibly if you need to create different addresses for various customer enquiries.


Many Web hosting companies in addition provide integrated email tools, such as spam filters and consequently an auto-response capability that can potentially resolve and reply emails while you’re away.


  1. 1-click app installs

The ideal webhosting company will let you set up web applications and scripts with just a mouse click on. This element provides straight forward and hassle-free way to install a blog or website, CMS portal as well as additional useful tool or script on your web site with a very little action. That hopefully will turn out to be useful, especially if your current programming skills are poor.


Few webhosting companies additionally add a dynamically revamped script archives to make it easier in finding the most effective applications on the internet without you leaving your site’s CPanel.


  1. 24/7 tech support

Whenever a technical issue emerges, you’ll have to have back-up. Excellent webhosting companies provide you with round-the-clock technical support to help you get your internet business back again on the right track very quickly if something breaks down.

It is good to also check to find out whether your potential future Webhosting company has got representatives accessible round the clock, on a daily basis to provide assistance. Fast email customer support can also be an additional feature.



  1. Online Support Materials

The best platforms also offer informational resources including video clips to lend a hand if you’re new to the service and user forums which allows you to search for assistance for particular issues whenever your site is up and running.


Other great features to be searched in a web hosting provider includes shopping charts if you will be selling your products online, website statistics and performance for easy SEO.

As you look forward to purchase your new webhosting plan, i believe this informative post will be a better stepping stone to your success.


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